Wheel Lift

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For Wheel Lift Services In Las Vegas And Surrounding Areas, Call Coyote Towing Today

Coyote Towing is the dependable leader in Las Vegas, Nevada when you require a tow or another roadside service. Our towing experts in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada are ready to come to your location. We guarantee that your towing experience will be second to none with our well-maintained, advanced vehicles and equipment.

When it comes to towing, Coyote Towing offers both wheel lift and flatbed towing, which is often the most suitable method, especially for two-wheel drive vehicles that need to be maneuvered out of tight spots. We provide a wide range of towing services; we can tow your broken-down vehicle to a mechanic, or we can tow an exotic, classic, vintage, or luxury vehicle that you want to keep mileage down.

When you require a tow in Las Vegas, Nevada, or the surrounding areas, Coyote Towing can help. Wheel lift towing is a fast, simple method of getting a vehicle to the repair shop. Certain vehicles may not be able to be towed on platform towing vehicles, so this option comes in handy. In addition, this option is useful when the vehicle is not locked in or if the gear can be slipped into neutral. Towing using this method is safe and effective.

Flatbed towing allows the vehicle to be transported safely, securely, and without the possibility of damage. When towing a vehicle on a flatbed, you can expect your car or truck to be secure and safe. With flatbed towing, it is possible that the vehicle will incur damage, but this is usually due to the driver’s negligence. Flatbeds are useful for transporting vehicles with heavy-duty bumpers or other high-profile parts that might get damaged in wheel lift tows. Flatbeds are also great for storing vehicles at home or in a garage.

Coyote Towing also offers roadside assistance, jump starts, tire changes, and winch outs as part of our comprehensive line of services. Our roadside assistance service includes jump starts for those with dead batteries which need a boost so their car will start up again.

When you need tire changes or winch outs, we can provide these services as well as provide transportation while your vehicle is being repaired by your repair shop in Las Vegas, Nevada area.

When Does Your Vehicle Need A Wheel Lift?

A wheel lift service is when a damaged vehicle’s rear or front wheels are hooked to a tow truck and lifted off the ground. Since this type of towing is perfect for short hauls that require vehicles to be transported a short distance to a repair shop or home, it is also ideal for moving cars or light trucks and vans.

You don’t have to wait until a tire is completely flat to have your wheels lifted. A wheel lift can be done at any time your wheels are in danger of being damaged by something too heavy, such as a piece of construction equipment or a large truck. In addition, a wheel lift can also be done if you think your tires might need to be replaced soon. This is because it’s better to get your wheels lifted sooner than later.

Coyote Towing offers professional wheel lift services in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our skilled team is ready to help you any day of the week. Give us a call today.