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Having Your Vehicle Towed On a Flatbed Is Sometimes The Best Option.

All parties involved can benefit from using a flatbed tow truck, as it can prolong the life of your vehicle’s tires by preventing them from rotating on the road.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when using flatbed towing services.

There must be enough space for operation.

The vehicle must be properly aligned on the flatbed tow truck before it is secured. To accomplish this, the truck operator must pull ahead a couple of car lengths so that there is sufficient clearance for the vehicle’s loading. This also provides enough room to lower the tow bed into a loading ramp. It’s important to hook up properly.

The manufacturer of most vehicles’ bumpers includes two slots, one at the front and one at the bottom. These are specifically designed for towing. The tow truck driver hooks the car or truck’s hooks onto those spots using the two hooks at the end of the winch.
The number of slots depends on the make of the vehicle. For example, a Ford or Chevy vehicle has a winch hook hole on both sides of the frame. On Japanese vehicles, tie-down slots are usually located under the front bumper.

No longer being on the road prevents the car from bumping into holes and bumps, as well as from being damaged by debris on the road. Having an expensive vehicle, a classic, a sports car, a luxury vehicle, or a vintage one, you want to ensure that your vehicle is not damaged while being transported. Flatbed tow trucks can provide better vehicle protection.

A flatbed tow truck is usually used to transport cars to car shows or exhibitions.
Most car owners believe that the extra cost of a flatbed is worth the peace of mind it provides, even if it costs extra money.

All-wheel drive vehicles need the best.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles have only the front wheels linked to the drive shaft. The back wheels are usually free turning. Because of this, they may be towed using a dolly, with the two front wheels raised and the two back ones touching the ground.
While it’s not recommended for four-wheel drive vehicles, a dolly can damage the transmission. Vehicle manufacturers frequently clear their four-wheel drive vehicles for dolly towing, but the mileage accumulated by running the rear wheels is still recorded by the odometer. A flatbed tow truck is a safer alternative for transporting this type of vehicle.

Cars That Have Been Lowered Are Most Suitable For Flatbed Towing.

It doesn’t matter if lowering a car is your style, or preference, or if you just bought a car that came lowered; a flatbed tow truck is still the best option.

Driving a lowered vehicle on a dolly is more susceptible to damage to the underbelly, bumpers, exhaust pipes, and oil pans. Although the incline ramp is not very steep, it can still be driven safely.

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